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Woman catches mail carrier improperly delivering mail, posts video and gets results

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For years, a mail carrier has damaged and improperly delivered a woman’s mail, until she caught the mail carrier in the act!

She then posted the video to Facebook and got results!


Susan Howard Perry

Susan Howard Perry

“I thought – I’m gonna see what he does with this book – and sure enough, that’s how the video happened,” Susan Howard Perry explained to FOX4KC.

The new manager over her post office saw the video and came to her door to apologize.

Stacy St. John from the U.S. Postal Service released a statement regarding the incident that reads:
“The Postal Service condemns, in the strongest possible sense, the actions of any employee who mishandles mail or packages. An investigation into the incident is underway and if this video is accurate, then the behavior on the part of the employee shown in the video is not only unacceptable to the Postal Service, it threatens to tarnish the reputation and high level of trust that the vast majority of our employees work so hard to uphold. We have reached out to the customer to apologize and want to assure the public that we take such incidents seriously and are taking all appropriate steps to address it and ensure it does not happen again.”


  • Barb Sutherland

    This is not as isolated as we would like to believe. I have had Amazon packages that needed re-delivered 5 times around the holidays, because they have been thrown on the ground outside of the mailbox and expensive photography prints, clearly marked “do not bend” bent in half and destroyed.. My box is a ways down the lane from our house and we cannot watch them, but I have called numerous times, with little results! I rarely get certified letters delivered to the door. The slips are put in the mailbox and left there, without any attempt to deliver. I am disabled, so am home 98% of the year! I hope this opens the USPS eyes! I’m glad this woman was in a position to video her issue. I am sure the job is difficult some days, but we should be able to trust that our deliveries are handled with care and properly!

  • ED Laucks

    Barb Sutherland. You are absolutely right when you say this is not an isolated case. And, I am willing to bet that mail carrier is going to find a way to get even with that customer. I’ve seen it happen. And, nothing will happen to the employee because their union will protect them.

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