York County leaders proclaim September National Recovery Month

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York County has had 30 deaths attributed to heroin so far this year...That's on pace for 45 deaths in 2014, according to the York/Adams Drug and Alcohol Commission.

Now, community leaders are enhancing efforts to guide those in need of help. Leaders proclaimed September, 2014 as National Recovery Month.

When Mike Knaub, of York, was 17 years old, his addictions began with marijuana, alcohol and cocaine.

Knaub says, "I was an everyday drinker for 23 years and I was a substance abuser almost all my life, but I got caught up for six years."

Then two years ago, Knaub hit rock bottom.

He says, "I was diagnosed with cirrhosis to the liver and other problems from the abuse and I went back out and drank again...I couldn't live with myself."

Knaubs mother, Susan says, "Wondering if he'd be a live some days, wondering if he'd be in jail the next day."

When family couldn't help, Knaub sought support from a community based program.

Knaub says, "It lets me know there is a solution, and when I start working principles into my life with another man who's been through the same problem I'm going through, he can help me, my life gets better."

To celebrate people who've entered recovery and to recognize those still fighting, leaders are spreading awareness of treatment options within York County.

Mayor Kim Bracey says, "It's important for folks going through the addiction process to know they have support. Having been a certified abuse counselor, I know how important it is to individuals to have somebody there for them."

For more information and ways to seek help, contact the York/Adams Drug and Alcohol Commission.