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Memorial held for fallen officers in Cumberland County

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A special tribute in Cumberland County Friday -- as local, state and federal law enforcement officers were honored in a one-of-a-kind memorial.

The eleven officers primarily worked in the county and were all killed in the line of duty over the last 120 years. The dedication ceremony took place in Middlesex Township and took three years to plan.

One by one, surviving family members of each fallen officer lined up as plaques were unveiled in their honor. The plaques and engraved benches are more than just a tribute. Family members say the memorial finally gives these officers recognition for their sacrifice.

"They do a wonderful job and they put their lives on the line everyday protecting all of us. So again, it's just important that you know his memory carries on even for the people he never met," said Jennifer Soler.

Jennifer Soler's dad, Paul Walters, was a Vietnam war vet and worked for the Silver Spring Township Police. He was killed in 1975 when he was struck by a car after responding to call about kids throwing snowballs into traffic. Forty years later and the emotion is still raw.

"I couldn't quite get how permanent it was going to be. And he was kind of young to understand, my younger brother was too young to understand really and so that's one of the memories. I mean unfortunately that's something that sticks with you forever," added Soler.

The county law enforcement memorial, one of the few of its kind in Central Pennsylvania, cost an estimated three hundred thousand dollars -- all made possible by donations.

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