New at the York Fair!

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America's oldest fair is underway.  Friday is the first day of the 249th York Fair. Although the fair is full of popular traditions, it also has a number of new attractions every year.

A big part of the fair is getting a first-hand look at agriculture. New to the 2014 fair is Goat Mountain. "It’s a big pile of straw and there’s a heard of goats and they climb around on the straw. I never knew goats got up that high, they are a hooved animal so to see them go up that high it’s kind of neat to watch them.  They have their own civilization there and people can feed them. It’s kind of fun." said Gene Schenck. "What we try to do here is try to come up with things you can’t see anywhere else."

 Helicopter rides are back by popular demand, as well as a free-fall jump and more than 50 rides. New this year: a zip line and elephant rides.

A big change this year is the bar code scanning system. "All of our tickets are bar coded and they have to be scanned at the gate and that’s causing a couple little problems at the gate where the traffic backs up," said Schenck. "If you have a ticket with a bar code on it and it’s scanned the first time, it will have no value the second time. It doesn’t pay you to make copies for your friends. We’ve had people copy tickets in the past and then we have two people show up for a concert with the same seats, and it was because somebody copied the tickets."

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