Fans wearing Ray Rice jerseys in support at Ravens game

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Some Ravens fans decided to make a fashion statement with a Ray Rice jersey at tailgates, wearing them before the Ravens-Steelers game in Baltimore Thursday night.

They say they’re looking for redemption after a week of controversy for the team, after the video of Rice knocking his fiancé out cold went public. The NFL suspended him from the league indefinitely on Monday.

While many stores have pulled Rice’s number 27 jersey from shelves, we counted several of them on Ravens fans.

Fan Dominique Svatey of York wore the jersey and says the video shouldn’t have any bearing on Rice’s career.

“Anything on the field, then yes, he should’ve gotten banned, but it wasn’t on the field,” she says.

She’s not the only female fan who supports Rice.

“I’m not condoning what he did,” says fan Carly Yaroshevich. “But everyone messes up, everyone does stupid things when they’re under the influence.”

The NFL is taking heat for its handling of Rice. Before the release of the video, he was suspended for only two games for the domestic violence case. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is now facing a Congressional probe about the league’s investigation, including when officials obtained the video.

“We already knew what happened, they already went to court, so I think it’s bull crap really,” says fan Clay Mangles says of Rice’s suspension after the fact.


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