Wolf ahead in latest Quinnipiac University Governor’s Race Poll

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Tom Wolf Brings his Fresh Start Tour to York County

Pennsylvania likely voters say businessman Tom Wolf, the Democratic challenger for governor, is better than Republican Gov. Tom Corbett on every measure, especially handling the top issues of the economy/jobs and education, and give him an overwhelming 59 – 35 percent lead eight weeks before Election Day, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.
Wolf leads 91 – 7 percent among Democrats and 53 – 39 percent among independent voters, while Gov. Corbett has a lackluster 66 – 28 percent lead among Republicans, the independent Quinnipiac University poll finds. This survey of likely voters can not be compared to prior surveys of registered voters.
Among voters who name a candidate, 84 percent say their mind is made up, while 15 percent say they might change their mind.
Corbett is the bigger issue in the campaign, as 51 percent of Wolf backers say their vote is mainly against the incumbent while 39 percent say they are voting mainly for the Democrat.
Among Corbett backers, 62 percent say their vote is mainly pro-Corbett, while 30 percent say
they are mainly anti-Wolf.

For the full results of the poll click here.

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  • Mike Birkos

    Did anyone really expect intelligent summer tactics from millionaire Governor Corbett? Slashing the General Assembly’s budget, then ignoring them all summer, then ignoring the General Electorate by focusing on small round tables with vetted and sympathetic groups/journalists – is par for the course. That is why the latest polls still show Mr. Corbett in the toilet, over 2 1/2 years running, despite spending $16 million on universally discredited attack ads.

    Here are a few more Corbettisms; things to which da guv seems oblivious. Some of them are ad-libbed, but they capture the essence of his position.

    I did not know there is a type of marijuana genetically modified to minimize THC while highlighting pain-relieving, sedation effects.

    I did not know Ron Tomalis was a ghost employee.

    I did not know it was illegal to have campaign staffers in on policy meetings since 2011 even though I put people in jail for that.

    I did not know all these people that gave me trips and gifts had business before the commonwealth.

    I did not know 27,000 teachers lost their jobs. That was on the local districts. I did not fire them.

    I did not know schools had a billion less to spend, just because I did not replace the stimulus funding.

    I did not know the Marcellus gas is pegged at $352 billion and that the gas companies would not leave it they paid us $17 billion of that in a severance tax.

    I did not know $49 million for 500 state attorneys would not be enough to pursue my agendas. That is why I spent another $100 million on private attorneys – who underscored my failures in Voter ID, NCAA, banning gay marriage and battling the Affordable Care Act.

    I did not know one grand jury-vetted victim would be enough to imprison Jerry Sandusky. That is why I waited until one day after the 2010 election to go after him.

    I did not know PA was even FARTHER under the national unemployment average back in 2011 that it is today.

    I did not know gays are adults, capable of love and life commitment.

    I did not know Voter ID would be a burden to typically Democratic demographics.

    I did not know all the unemployed are not drug users.

    I did not know Hispanics live in Pennsylvania.

    I did not know that men cook supper.

    I did not know that a woman might be sensitive to a child in her womb.

    I could go on for hours. Please vote.

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