Conewago Police Chief suing Township Supervisors

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In Conewago Township, Adams County, the Police Chief is suing the Board of Supervisors, claiming the board violated his civil rights.

Police Chief David Williams says the supervisors harassed police officers and tried to get them fired, in revenge for their Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The federal lawsuit contains pages and pages of allegations from the past year. It depicts the township supervisors allegedly harassing police and calling them names, including "greedy bastards" and "dirty rotten **** suckers."

It also alleges that one supervisor had an illicit affair with a police officer at times when he was on the job.

Williams says it was all in retaliation because of the collective bargaining agreement the township signed with police officers last year. Because bargaining is protected by the 1st Amendment, his lawyer says it's a violation of his civil rights.

Timothy Kolman, Williams' attorney, says he was pressured to fire officers who were involved in bargaining for the union.

"Don't tell the police chief to break the law," Kolman says. "Don't tell the police chief to turn on your own men."

He says Williams is on disability leave, in part because of health issues caused by the conflict.

The Board of Supervisors held their public meeting Monday night but will not comment on the lawsuit.

"At this point in time, they haven't had the opportunity to meet with legal counsel thats going to be representing them in the lawsuit," says township solicitor Rich Wagner.

Wagner says the township's insurance company may pay for its attorney in the lawsuit.

"This is only 3 days old, so it's very difficult to project, or conject what may happen," he says.

Police officers also told FOX43 they did not want to comment on camera. But union leaders say they stand by their Chief.

The Township was served with the lawsuit on Friday, Sept. 12 and they have 30 days from that date to respond to the suit.

To read the lawsuit, Conewago Lawsuit

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