Philadelphia couple creates bucket list for unborn baby

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Philadelphia – Jenna Haley was just 13 weeks pregnant when doctors told her that her son had anencephaly, which is a terminal brain defect. The life expectancy of babies with the condition ranges from hours to days.

Jenna and Dan Haley are now packing a lifetime of bucket list items into just nine months.

The Haley’s decided that instead of losing hope for their son, Shane, they would make memories.

They came up with a list of places and activities they wanted to share with their son and started posting on their Facebook page, Prayers for Shane. Now several hundred thousand people are following along as they complete each list item.

The parents with baby-to-be have visited the Statue of Liberty, The Philadelphia Zoo, and Central Park, just to name a few.

The couple finished the list over the weekend, just about a month before Jenna’s due date.

“We are asking for your prayers and support and that God grants us as much time as possible with our beautiful son,” they write on the Facebook page. “Shane has already proven to us that each day must be lived to the fullest and that is exactly what our little family is doing.”


  • Beverly Leeson

    I think what you are doing is making some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime I hope that when your little angel arrives that your joy is so great and your love is so strong that your grief is lessened just a little when God calls Shane to come home God Bless you and your family

    • charlene

      Tamera – bitter bitter person. Obvious you never were taught “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” Sometimes it is ok just to keep your mouth shut! Just because you don’t believe in God or hope doesnt mean there is none!

  • Momof5

    My God really everyone grieves in their own way. Who are you to place that evil of never having children on this poor women that obviously has more love for this unborne child she will never be able to waych grow up, then you will ever have. You are a hateful mean person Tamera shame on you.

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