Student told by school not to wear September 11th shirt

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There is outrage after a student is told she cannot wear a commemorative 9/11 tee shirt to school. Now the family is speaking out about the situation.

A Sacramento, California family is shocked to hear that their daughter was banned from wearing a commemorative 9/11 shirt last Thursday on September 11th.

School officials say it didn't meet the dress code.

The student's stepfather, who is a marine with more than twenty-five years of experience, says it means a lot to him for her to be able to wear the shirt to school.

But the school spokesman is still defending the decision and says students are only allowed to wear non-uniform clothing on free dress days. September 11th is not one of those days.

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  • Chasstity. B.

    What the heck — that shirt is no way hurting anything or anybody whatsoever. What is this world coming to when you will not allow a child to wear a shirt supporting something good for a change. That school needs to get a life and worry about more important things than a shirt that shows support and means a lot to a lot of folks.

  • OneMan'sOpinion

    Another biased question. The question should be about wearing “a tee-shirt” to school on a day that they are to be wearing uniforms, not “the tee-shirt”. This is not about patriotism, it is about following dress code rules. It is the same as the story this summer about a guy plastering a large flag across trees on his lawn. The law states that anything of such nature should be affixed to a building. He moved it and problem was solved. A solution to this issue would be to arrange for every Sept 11 to be a free-dress day at school.

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