Women caught tossing cats from van window

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UPPER PAXTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WPMT) Two Dauphin County women face charges after they are seen tossing cats out of a van window.  It happened about at 4 pm Sunday along Berry Mountain Road in Upper Paxton Township.

Erin Adamire, 36, and Crystal Shomper, 32, both of Millersburg reportedly tossed multiple cats out the van window with intent to abandon or otherwise deprive the animals of proper care or shelter.

Both women are charged with Cruelty to Animals.


    • Beverly Travitz

      You know this article should say “allegedly”! What is wrong with you people? You are reporters, you’re supposed to not assume anything! And neither should anybody else-innocent until PROVEN guilty! To ASSume, makes an ASS out of U and ME!!!

  • HumansEmbarrassUniverse

    Two Dauphin County women face charges after they are seen tossing cats out of a van window. Read it again Noah and Bev. They were seen. Looks like they have friends and supporters about as smart as they are. I’m actually impressed that either one of you strung enough words together to make sentences. Although Noah used sexually depraved comments to try to make a point and Bev readily labeled herself as an ass. Dumb and dumber have internet access. Their Crayons must be broken and they are bored.

    • Noah Adamire

      You’re a moron! Like nobody EVER lies? Or thinks they see something that they didn’t? The “witness” is a crazy mountain woman who likes to scream at people for daring to drive up there! She didn’t SEE anything, because there was NOTHING to see!!!

  • Arielson

    Oh mind! What’s the problem with these people! These kittens are so adorable and cute, yet they can do these to them. They deserved to be punished severely.

    • Noah Adamire

      Please learn how to read past comments. I will say this once more. I hope it gets through all of your thick skulls. They were reported by a crazy lady, who will yell at people for no reason. Plus the fact that they don’t even own any kittens. Even if they did they would give then to willing people. So please stop commenting on a situation you know nothing about.

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