9/11 Wedding photo mystery solved

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This story started with a picture found in the rubble of the Twin Towers at Ground Zero.
A professor from Massachusetts started started a desperate search for the people in the photo thirteen years ago... fearing all had died in the attacks.
Professor Stringer Keefe was given the photo of friends at a wedding... by her own friend who found it in the ash at Ground Zero.
Keefe posted it online every year on the anniversary of the attacks, trying to find the owner-- hoping against the odds that everyone had survived.
She posted it again this year, and that's when Mimi Spiwak got a phone call.

"Just on Saturday morning, I got a call from one of my best friends in Michigan and she left me this message, it was kinda cryptic and she said Mimi you gotta call me, there's this picture and it's pretty weird," Spiwak said.

Mimi is in the photo with her former boyfriend Fred Mahe as they celebrated their college friends' wedding. Miraculously, it turns out everyone in the photo is still alive.
The picture was on Mahe's desk in the World Trade Center; he wasn't at work that morning.
Professor Keefe returned the picture to him on Monday.

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