Parents & supporters push for legalization of medical marijuana

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Anna Myers lives with epilepsy.

Her mom, Latrisha, is one of hundreds of concerned parents who attended a rally Monday at the Capitol to show their support of Senate Bill 1182.

She says it's the only piece of legislation in the General Assembly that could save lives immediately.

"As soon as this law goes into effect, and we have medicine rolling in to the mouths of these sick children, lives will be saved, differences will be made​," Latrisha said.

Parents were also joined by legislators, including Senator Mike Folmer and Senator Daylin Leach; both sponsors of the bill.

Senator Leach says if passed, the bill will help people who suffer from seizures, post traumatic stress and cancer.

"It's time to get people medicine," he said.

Leach says Governor Corbett's signature is the only impediment.

"We're hoping his conscience gets the better of him and in the next weeks that he signs this bill because every day that goes by a kid or veteran isn't getting medicine they need, it's an injustice and a bad day," he said.

"I can't think of anything else that should be made a priority this fall," Latrisha added.

A vote on Senate Bill 1182 is expected within the next few weeks.

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