Stem Cell Therapy helps dogs achieve better quality of life

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If your beloved pets can no longer play fetch because they suffer from chronic hip or back pain, then you might be interested in a stem cell procedure. It’s minimally invasive and it’s growing in popularity in Central Pennsylvania.

Ben, the Akita, is undergoing stem cell surgery to reverse his chronic arthritis in his hip.

Veterinarian, Dr. Roger Horst, of Mercersburg Animal Clinic says, “It just makes it more comfortable for them to be a pet, normal activity without to be on pain drugs.”

Through a 30 minute surgery, Dr. Horst removes fatty tissue from Ben’s shoulder. He hands over the tissue to a lab technician. The technician, Delaney Kennedy, works with MediVet, a global leader in veterinary science.

Kennedy says, “When we filter this tissue, everything stops at the top of the filtration and stem cells collect at the bottom. The stem cells are what we want and that’s what we inject back into Ben.”

Within 30 days, Ben’s quality of life will improve without the need for medicine.

Kennedy says, “As pet owners maybe before could have put him down because he’s in pain but now, we’re able to use stem cell therapy and help him live longer.”

For more information contact Mercersburg Animal Clinic or MediVet.


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