FOX43 Golf Tip: Perfecting Your Swing

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This week, we go to Dauphin Highlands Golf Course in Dauphin County for the FOX43 Sutliff Chevrolet Golf Tip of the Week. Their Director of Instruction, Tim Birney, provides us with the tip.

Tim Birney, Dauphin Highlands Golf Course

“A lot of people these days are using apps for everything including golf swings but once you look at your swing you have to understand what you are looking at. Sometimes people are OK on their way back but their stance may not be wide enough and they don’t keep their left arm straight or for you lefties, the right arm straight on the way back. When they come through they bend at impact so there are a few drills that you can do, to help that. You can stick a golf ball or something under your arm to keep your left arm straight and then when you come through you, you have to get off your back foot so I often say right knee towards your left and get off your back foot and you will hit it much more solid.”

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