Harrisburg Police Chief calls shooting scene similar to warzone

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A shootout in Harrisburg comparable to a scene in the middle east. That's what Harrisburg's police chief says about Wednesday night's shooting on Market Street.

Police say a man fired more than 30 rounds from an Uzi-style automatic gun. One man was shot in the leg. He's expected to be ok. But it's the number of shots fired that has shocked the neighborhood.

Police first got the call for a report of shots fired on the 1400 block of Market Street shortly before 8 o'clock. By the time our cameras got there, more than 40 yellow markers still lined the street late at night.

Chief Thomas Carter says one man pulled out two handguns and started shooting at two men walking down market street. One of the targeted men then pulled out an Uzi-style gun and fired more than 30 rounds. Chief Carter says the neighborhood is lucky that no children were outside at the time. Even he was shocked at the scene when he arrived.

"This isn't normal to have a gun battle like this in the city and we're not going to just standby and just allow this thing to happen," says Chief Charter.

Thursday's daylight brought evidence from last night. Cars with gunshot holes and trees missing chunks of bark.

"This is the worst I've ever seen Harrisburg," says Terry Meredith.

Terry Meredith lives a few streets away. He's now planning to move his family because of the escalated violence.

"I hope that these young people see what's going on out here and know that it's not a game. And it's not fun, there's nothing cool about this. People getting shot like this everyday, it makes no sense. It's not safe for our kids to play on the streets, it's not safe for our kids to go to the playgrounds or even walk up and down to the stores," says Meredith.

Meredith isn't the only person who wants out. Brenda Parker's daughter and grandchildren live on Market Street.

"I don't want her here. She's on the verge of getting out of here, too. I don't want her here. She's getting out of here," says Brenda Parker.

The sound of gunfire is now something she's used to.

"It's tragedy. I'm not surprised at anything. I hear gunshots every night at my house by my house in Hall Manor. I'm in the verge of getting out of there. I have nothing in there but dressers, I'm getting out of there. It's horrible," says Parker.

Chief Carter says the police plan to charge all people responsible for the shooting. Nobody is in custody at this time.

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