“Smashing” the control of eating disorders

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Being and looking perfect is a goal many of us try to reach-- but in Lancaster-- people were literally smashing unrealistic expectations.

Folks gathered at Armstrong  Field at Franklin and Marshall College on Saturday for the Southern Smash Lancaster event. It's designed to raise awareness about eating disorders.

Attendees could smash scales which often control and confine people who suffer from eating disorders. It also starts the conversation about these illnesses which are often associated with shame and get swept under the rug.

"There's huge billboards up along Harrisburg Pike, I see it when I teach at Evolution, for like cancer research and like toe fungus, but no body talks about being anorexic or bulimic," Event Coordinator Julie Mathers said.

Eating disorders can affect anyone at age and often develop when there is trauma in your life, and you feel food is the only thing you can control-- whether it be by under-eating-- or overeating.

Eating disorders can be cured-- with proper support and treatment.