Several businesses burglarized in York County

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At least three York County businesses have been targeted this week, in what's being called smash-and-grab burglaries throughout Windsor Township.

Surveillance video obtained by FOX43 shows a man dressed in a hat and hoodie -- breaking into Cape Horn Family Restaurant early Saturday morning -- smashing the two front doors with a rock and grabbing the register. But after realizing there was no cash, he came back 30 minutes later, broke into the back office and tried to take the safe. It was too heavy and he ended up leaving empty-handed.

Thousands of dollars worth of damage was reported inside the restaurant located in Cape Horn Plaza. The owners posted a sign that read "closed today due to robbery" early Saturday morning. They were forced to turn away many of their customers, resulting in a major loss of business.

"It's heartbreaking to think that you work continuously day in and day out to build up a small business like this and just shatters your world," said Joni Kauffman, co-owner of Cape Horn Family Restaurant.

This is the third business affected by the string of smash-and-grab burglaries in Windsor Township. On Wednesday, Clarity Salon, located just minutes away from the restaurant, was also robbed. According to the salon's owners, surveillance video shows a man dressed in a hat and hoodie, breaking into the salon after 11 o'clock that night. He used a rock to smash the door and took two hundred dollars in cash from the register.

And on September 19th, Red Lion Chiropractic was targeted. It's left other business owners wondering who's next.

"I think it hurts our sense of security more than anything. I mean the money is disappointing cause obviously when you're a small business that money is used to pay for bills and expenses," said Katie Moyer Laucks, co-owner of Clarity Salon.

And while many of them have taken additional security measures, they fear he will strike again. York Area Regional Police are investigating all three incidents.


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