Softball teams in York County honor breast cancer survivors

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is next week and recent data shows more than 13 thousand women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Pennsylvania every year.

To honor survivors and others affected, 24 softball teams throughout York County hit the field Saturday afternoon in Shrewsbury Township and took part in FastPitch For A Purpose. The annual event raises money for the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition. FastPitch has raised close to $17 thousand dollars in the past two years.

"If God has blessed you with, you know with health then pass it on and help other people the best that you can. You know, I just want to be an inspiration to my daughter and other young ladies you know that may have to fight, face this in the future," said Stephanie Lux, Founder of FastPitch For A Purpose.

And it's not just women affected -- men also took to the field to support the cause. 100 percent of the donations benefit the state. They hope to reach their goal of $10 thousand dollars this year.

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