Vote PA a Raise Day calls for $10.10 minimum wage

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Organizations calling for higher wages in Pennsylvania held rallies across the Commonwealth today calling for a raise in minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. Raise the Wage PA, a coalition of labor, religious, community, women’s and worker’s groups, organized the rallies in 10 cities, including York and Harrisburg.

Organizers say that with elections coming up in November, the chances for a wage hike will be dramatically affected by whether or not the public shows up to the polls.


    • Fedup

      They (military) also have a greater chance of losing their lives with THAT pay, KIM, but I guess I’m just ignorant!

  • Mike

    Why are we forcing businesses to pay more for entry level jobs? Would you be happy if you were FORCED to pay your babysitter $15 per hour and you could only use government mandated babysitters? Do you think this will create more jobs? NO! Just who do you think pays for this???? We would…these are entry level, flipping burgers jobs and not lifetime jobs. And stop comparing to the military…flipping burgers and putting your life on the line are two completely different things.

    • Mike

      Legally recognized daycare costs 150- 250 bucks a week per child. Flipping burgers is a career for some people. I’ve worked in fast food. The job I do now is A LOT easier and I make more than 9 bucks an hour.

  • gordo53

    $10.10 is an insult. Make it $20. That way even the “working poor” will have a livable wage and we’ll see once and for all if it has any effect on the level of employment. Too bad if you have to pay a little more for your burger and fries.

  • Mike

    Lol, I’m a single male with no kids making 11 bucks and hour and i STILL need a roommate to get by. I have health insurance I can’t even afford to use :p

  • CYC

    The issue is not raising the minimum wage. The issue is making the dollar worth more. Raising the minimum wage means more dollars are taxed so the government gets more tax dollars without “raising taxes”. However, that hurts the overall economy. It creates a larger lower class (the people making higher than minimum wage are not compensated – no raises for them) so there are more people in the lower class, less people in middle class and it has no affect whatsoever on the upper class. Rally for the right issue – MAKE THE DOLLAR WORTH MORE.

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