Woman subdues burglar with kitchen knife and neighbor’s help

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On Sunday afternoon Ephrata police got a call about a stranger that walked into a woman's house in the first block of West Sunset Avenue. When she questioned him he left, but that was just the beginning.

"Within a few minutes we received a second call where another woman had come home and found him in her home and confronted him with a knife," said Lieutenant Thomas Shumaker with the Ephrata Police Department. She used the kitchen knife to corner Steven Sensenig who tried to escape by grabbing a vase and throwing it out a window.  "She yelled out for help and another neighbor lady came over and helped physically restrain him until we got there," said Shumaker.

The police took Sensenig into custody and charged him with burglary. "He looked like he was defeated cause he was down hunched over on the cop car," said eyewitness Nathaniel Mac who lives nearby.

Lieutenant Shumaker said Sensenig was under the influence at the time, but wasn't sure what he was on. As for how the woman who cornered Sensenig with a knife, Shumaker said she had every right to defend herself and her property instead of running away, but every situation is different. "You've got to make those decisions. Nobody can guide you or steer you in what you should do cause we're not there, we're not seeing what you're seeing. It's strictly up to the homeowner to decide what's important in life," said Shumaker.


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