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Department of Education introduces new snow day plan

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Traditional snow days may be a thing of the past for some Pennsylvania school districts this year.

The Department of Education says students can use work-from-home days that they won’t have to make up, if their school district applies to participate.

The Department of Education is allowing school districts to decide if they will opt for cyber school snow days.

Students would be allowed to complete planned schoolwork at home, and not make up the snow day, to keep school years shorter.

“This is all about the continuity of learning, just because there’s a snow day and the buses might not be able to get around, students can’t physically get to class, they can still continue their educational program through digital means,” says Tim Eller of the Department of Education.

Each district that wants to be part of the pilot program will make a plan for internet-based or digital-based work for students. The plan must accommodate all ages from grades K through 12 and special education.

A plan also must work for students who don’t have internet or computer access at home.

“It would be better because, we could wake up whenever we felt like it, and do our work at home,” says one Harrisburg High School senior.

Some say nothing can measure up to the value of time in the classroom for students.

“They need to make up the snow days,” says Harrisburg resident Leslie Whittaker. “Maybe they would know something when they came out in this world.”

School districts can apply to the program starting Nov. 1.


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    “Maybe they would know something when they came out in this world.” How many drafts were necessary to produce such poetry, Leslie?

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