Wolf supporters blame Governor Corbett for lewd job ads on state’s website

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Job seekers in the Commonwealth may be looking at listings they didn’t search for, like exotic dancing.

The lewd ads were popping up on the state’s Labor and Industry website.

Jobgateway is a one stop shop for job seekers in Pennsylvania.

Labor and Industry Secretary, Julia Hearthway says the website, "Pulls in from every different area and puts them in one place so that citizens of Pennsylvania can go to one place and see if there's a posting."

Hearthway says the site has on average 200,000 job listings...including some racier offerings you may not be qualified for.

Mike Mikus is the Senior Strategist for "The Campaign for a Fresh Start." He says, "What we found were everything from massages to lewd professions and ads for prostitution on the website."

Mikus says Governor Corbett and his administration should have done more to prevent these listings from going on the website.

Mikus says, "While they did not put the ads up themselves they have a responsibility to make sure the material doesn't wind up on State websites, that tax payer resources are not used to advertise these materials."

Hearthway says, "If you are on the site and the posting's coming from Monster or Craigslist, a screen will come up and tell you that you are now leaving job gateway and going to a posting on Craigslist."

Hearthway says seven ads in total were removed from the site, and the issue shouldn't be a political matter.

Hearthway says, "I don't see how anyone can argue that having a robust site for citizens is a bad thing, regardless of what party or office you're from."

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  • OneMan'sOpinion

    First, you can’t blame the governor for this. I suppose it’s his fault if a dandelion pops up on the lawn at the Capitol? Second, what makes exotic dancing a sin as a job?

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