Drill helps students work with law enforcement to find missing child

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Law enforcement officers from various agencies are searching for a missing child…but this time it’s a drill.

As soon as the girl is abducted,  fear fills the streets of Hanover. When the abductor drives off, the search for the missing student begins.

Sergeant Samuel Shipley, of the York County Sheriff's Department says, "It doesn't happen often in York County, it's important for us to keep our skills up, know what we will do for that one call for that child that's abducted."

Sgt. Shipley oversees the York County Missing Child Task Force drill. The exercise brings together law enforcement officers from several agencies, such as the FBI.

Shipley says, "Once a child abduction begins that National Center for missing child say that if a child's going to be murdered it usually happens in the first 3 hours of the abduction, so it's important to get out here and work quickly with our law enforcement, partners and make sure we bring the child back safely."

To help, students from Delone Catholic High School play a vital role in rescuing their friend.

Student, Jesse Colgan says, "We get to call in and make anonymous tips, see what they do with that information and now they use it to find the victims."

Although the abduction is only a drill, it sheds light on the problem and provides a lesson for students and officers.

Mock abductee student, Kiera Kelly says, "Definitely really scary and I can't believe things like this really happen."