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Some Sun Coming This Weekend

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We need to “shake it off, shake it off” when it comes to the clouds lately!

On Saturday, we’ll start out with the clouds and a leftover shower.

Then, slowly but surely, we’ll start to “shake it off” (to quote they viral Taylor Swift song) in the afternoon because we’ll see more breaks of sun.

Don’t expect a lot of sun in the afternoon, but we’ll see enough to remind us we still have the sun up there.

We can thank some drier air, coming from the west, for that sun.  (Around here, when we get a prolonged westerly flow, it helps to clear the skies particularly south of Harrisburg.  If we had that westerly flow going all day and not just for the afternoon, we’d see a lot more sun.)

All day on Saturday, the temperatures will barely move as colder air arrives.  The colder air comes thanks to Friday’s cold front (the reason for the showers Friday night).

Look for temps in the low 60s all day.

Then, the skies clear Saturday night.

On Sunday, we do put the “sun” in Sunday.  Finally, right!?

We’ll we won’t have perfectly sunny skies like last weekend.

We will have some big, puffy clouds in the sky.  Still, we’ll call it partly sunny.

Wow do we feel the effect of the cold front on Sunday.

We struggle just to get a high in the mid 50s!!

In fact, Sunday marks the coldest day since April 30.

We stay breezy all weekend, too, to keep a chill in the air.

On Monday, guess what returns.  Yes, the cloudy skies.

We’ll have cloudy skies Monday through Wednesday.

At the least, our temperatures climb back to the mid 60s on Monday.

We’ll sit in the upper 60s under the clouds on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Expect a few sprinkles on Monday.

Then, we get showers on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We’ll see a mix of clouds and sun on Thursday.  The sun will spike the high up to 72.

On Friday, we’ll start with sun.  In the afternoon, the clouds will increase ahead of a cold front.  We’ll jump to the mid 70s ahead of the front on Friday.

The front brings showers next Saturday.

My friend Andrea will keep you updated all weekend because I suspect some of this forecast will change.  The models disagree on the forecast for next week.

Friday Fun Fact: Jeff, Andrea, and I all went to Penn State.  We’re all from eastern PA, too.

-FOX43 WPMT Meteorologist Drew Anderson