Lawsuit: Man claims mom’s cremated remains dumped in suitcase after TSA inspection

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A Cleveland Ohio man is suing the US Transportation Security Administration after he says his mothers remains were dumped inside his suitcase after going through airport screening according to WJW.

Attorney Adeladi Williams says his client, Mr. Shannon Thomas, was flying from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to San Juan, Puerto Rico to spread his mother’s ashes in the Caribbean Sea.

According to court documents, Mr. Thomas packed his mother’s ashes following all of the guidelines using a “heavy and sturdy” urn inside of his suitcase for check-in.

Upon arrival in Puerto Rico, Thomas says his mothers ashes were discovered all over his clothing inside the suitcase.

His lawsuit is seeking $750,000 in damages and names The United States of America, Transportation Security Administration, Attorney General of the United States, Department of Justice, 10 agents or employees with the TSA, and 10 other unnamed persons who had contact with his luggage.

The TSA told WJW they cannot comment on Pending litigation. But TSA policies and procedures state “all urns are subject to screening and must pass through the x-ray machine,” but “under no circumstances will an officer open the container.”

Thomas’ attorney says his client followed all the rules closely and the urn was tightly screwed closed with clothes around it for protection.

He says his client has yet to recieve even an apology.

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