VIRAL VIDEO: Teen devastated after Beyoncé didn’t meet him after surgery, “she lied to me”

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Cody Lanphere was still a little groggy when his mother drove him home from surgery, but he couldn’t stop talking about how upset he was.

The 17-year-old had just had his wisdom teeth removed and while he was still under the influence of the drugs, believed that singer Beyoncé had promised to be there for his ride home.

Lanphere’s mother , Christine Livingston, did what any good mother would do in this situation, she recorded his ridiculous drug addled meltdown:

Cody: “Where’s Beyoncé?”

Christine: “Beyoncé couldn’t make it.”

Cody: “She told me she’d be here.”

Christine: “Well, she couldn’t make it. It’s gonna be OK.”

Cody: “She lied to me.”


  • Jackie

    One this is a repeat of the other boy who had his wisdom teeth, two, who would humiliate their son like this???

  • Sean Gebhart

    What any good mother would do?
    Mothers are supposed to humiliate their children?
    sure, I can see her showing this video to his fiancee years later, but to the world? That’s kinda messed up!

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