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Weighing the Options of Labeling GMO’s

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The Pennsylvania House Committee on Agriculture and Rural Affairs held a meeting Monday to discuss the issue of genetically engineered food.  This is the first move forward for legislation label GMOs.  Genetic engineering is a technique that is often used to improve crops by combining organisms to make them able to withstand herbicide and produce an insecticide.  A large number of scientists agree that GMOs are safe and the technology used to create them is also safe.  Legislation to Label GMOs has already passed in Vermont, Connecticut and Maine.


  • Ian

    How about report on the large consensus of scientists that agree, GMO’s are not safe? Backed up by their independent research. Or maybe mention how many other countries have GMO labeling laws or even flat out ban GMO’s. One sided reporting is one sided.

  • Justin

    A huge number of scientists are saying that GMO food has NOT been found to be safe yet here we are, on a news page boasting about the safety of GMOs… Propaganda piece anyone?

  • Kelly

    Consumer reports is fully in support of GMO labeling. There are many who would disagree with the alleged safety of GMO foods and their companion pesticides. In addition, GMO’s were supposed to curtail pesticide use, and increase yields. Instead, pesticide use has skyrocketed and the pests are becoming resistant. Time and again, organic and conventional farming methods have proven more effective and sustainable. Please take the time to share both sides of an issue. Your bias makes it more difficult for viewers to make an informed opinion

  • girl child

    Ola! Fox43,
    Cool Post, If we do not take care of slum child, there will be every possibility of unknown diseases do crop up in nature.
    Vijaya Satyanand

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