WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Teen confesses to killing mother and defiling her body

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A Texas teen is sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday after shocking details of his crime are revealed during his trial.  Kevin Davis, 18, admitted to police detectives that he killed his mother, Kimberly Hill, in a chilling interview following his arrest.

Davis told the detectives he first tried to strangle his mother with a cord, and when she started screaming he hit her with a hammer.

The incident occurred on March 27th inside her Corpus Christi apartment, afterwards Davis went to a local home and knocked on the door saying he needed help because he had just killed someone.

A psychiatrist, Dr. Joel Kutnik, who interviewed Davis told the jury how Davis described the murder:

“He used a hammer to kill his mother, and of course the skull split open. He wanted to make certain that she was dead.
He stuck his hand in the skull and mixed up the brains, then I think he told me he got a knife and mixed em up.
Then he also said that it felt like puddy.
The consistency of the brain tissue. And then he said something about he tasted the brain.”

Kutnik also said that David admitted to fantasies about having sex with dead bodies, and he told police that he had sexual intercourse with his mother’s body.  When officers asked if it was his first time, he said calmly, “guess I lost my virginity to a dead corpse.”

When asked what his mother did to deserve this, Davis said, “Absolutely nothing. I’m just a terrible, disgusting person.”

Investigators asked Davis if he felt mentally ill or insane, and he relied, “No.”  Prosecutors and medical experts agreed that Davis has no mental or psychotic issues.

Davis did admit during interrogation that if given the chance he would kill again.

The death penalty was not an option in this case because it involved a murder charge, not capitol murder.



  • Cakes

    Michael I’ll pray for you. Because it’s not a race thing you sound just as evil as this kid. Sad world we live in. Praying for their family!

      • Faith

        How is this a race issue ?? I’ve seen some crazy murders happen in all races .. In my town a grandfather just slaughtered his daughter and all six of her kids ranging from 11 years of age to 9 months .. Then lined them all up on the couch ..He was white that was sad but why would I bring race in it ?? Its an evil thing ..the end

  • Katelyn

    For one this is not a racial issue, there is such thing as necrophilia, some people are just so immature. Learn something before you try to make it a racial issue Michael.

    • limp

      Micheal you’re a *explicit* coward hiding and calling the N word, you’re a *explicit* disgrace to your race, I can tell you’re the type that will *explicit* your mom while she’s alive!!

  • Melissa

    Dear God who edited this article??? It’s CHALK FULL OF TYPE-Os! Seriously, whoever wrote this needs to take English 101 and use spell check, how terribly embarrassing. I mean the story was horrific but the awful mistakes certainly detracted from learning anything from it. Seriously, so embarrassing. PUDDY? Try “Putty.” He “relied”? Really, I’m guessing he REPLIED. “CAPITOL MURDER?” Really, he murdered a BUILDING? TRY “CAPITAL.” Sheesh, someone please replace the chimpanzee typing this with someone who at least has a GED.

  • denise

    God bless this mother’s soul, may she rest in peace and may justice be served for this disturbed young man. As for all of the above posts….take a sensitivity course. Really who cares about grammar and the meaning of certain words and the word itself. There was a disturbing horrific crime committed and these are the trivial replies…..what has our culture/society come to?

  • ok2bout

    I feel sorry for this young man also who will spend the rest of his life in prison. He obviously is insane as no one in their rational mind would do something so horrific and then be so matter affect afterwards. May his mother rest in peace and his sister be able to eventually move on with her own life.

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