PA mayor using Facebook to find criminals, catches flack for language

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A mayor in Lackawanna County made a Facebook post on Thursday that got a lot of attention.

He asked the public to help him identify three teenagers that ran through wet cement on city property in Carbondale.

Mayor Justin Taylor referred to the teens first as “juvenile delinquents” and later he called them “Little scumbags.”

Most people didn’t mind that he was looking for the culprits, but some had a problem with his language.

Lindsey Luckonok from Carbondale told WNEP, “I think it’s really unprofessional to do that. They didn’t need to go about it with that kind of language, even thought it was a bad thing to do.”

Mayor Taylor stands by what he said, “Just because I used a name in describing in what I think their actions reflect, doesn’t mean I’m the one that’s wrong.”cdl-mayor-pic-2

The teens identities were discovered within minutes of his post.

“I don’t have to waste the cop’s resources of going to track down and find these kids, but watching local parks or watching people on the streets. I have their names, I know exactly where they are.” Said Mayor Taylor.

The Mayor estimated the cost to fix the concrete would be about $1,000, but said it was not only about the money, “Finding these kids, making them accountable, and making them understand there’s a lot that went into pouring concrete. It’s not just wet concrete.”


  • Kurt Francis

    C’mon people,the guy called them little scumbags..big whoop.Our parents called us worse than that.Lindsey Luckonok you’re an idiot.What would you call these punks if they did that to your property? Better yet, you pay the city the $1000 to fix it.Good for you Mayor, you should go after these little scumbags parents.

  • Steve gravy

    Is this little Kurt Francis from north scranton? Why I remember you doing the same thing to my sidewalk on Ferdinand st. You little hypocritical whippersnapper ! Cost me over 200 bucks back in the day!

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