Art event benefits Lancaster County stabbing victim

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A Lancaster County woman remains in the hospital as she slowly recovers from a brutal stabbing last month. But an entire community is helping with her recovery, in a place she calls "home."

"This is our home and something happened to our family member and this is where we wanted to be," said Liz Schein, a worker at Aussie and The Fox, a restaurant in Lancaster.

Aussie and The Fox is where they are but their hearts are elsewhere.

"She would do anything for anybody which is why something like this comes together so easily," added Schein.

Community members, coworkers and friends came together Sunday evening to support their friend, Annika Horn. The 29-year-old was a victim of a brutal stabbing on September 7th. Police say a man broke into her home and stabbed her 26 times in the neck, arms and other parts of her body.

"All the support that's been shown proves just how loved she is and that's for a reason," said Tan'a Highfield, a friend and former classmate of Horn.

The second of three fundraisers, "Art for Ani" was organized by her coworkers. A lover of art and food, her friends say this is the best way to honor her, donating their time and tips, all for Horn. The art work was donated by family members and local artists from the community -- including a very special one -- painted by her mother, titled "Pink Squirrel, Yellow Tail."

Art wasn't the only part of the fundraiser. Horn was featured in an issue of Fine Living Lancaster Magazine, wearing a hand-crocheted dress. The designer donated the dress as part of the silent auction.

"She just touched everybody. Every time she was around anybody. There's just a calm, amazing energy about her that was contagious," added Highfield.

And if anyone doubts that she's not aware of all this love -- Horn's friends say, she is certainly feeling it.

"She is overwhelmed with gratitude," Schein said.

So far, the community has raised nearly $80,000 for Annika Horn. The money donated will help pay for her medical bills. The next and last fundraiser will be held in December.

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