Kindergarten teacher quits to make six figures twerking for a living

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Jessica Vanessa was a kindergarten teaching assistant before she was discovered by advertisers for her videos.

The 22-year-old Florida woman quit her job, and began twerking for a living making six figures!

“What I make in six seconds would take me four months to make as a teaching assistant,” she told Barcroft TV.

With more than two million followers on Vine, she posts twerking videos and then advertisers pay her to mention their products.

Jessica says she has a lot of support from her family, her brother is even her cameraman.

She has faced her fair share of criticism though, and says she’s suffered multiple breakdowns over the treatment she has received by people online.

Jessica says that twerking has allowed her to pay off her school debt and buy a new car, and she doesn’t miss working the 9-5.



  • Lydia James

    These bigoted views of her work is why she had her breakdowns in the first place. She twerks because she’s good at it. But, you’re forgetting a few things.
    1. She doesn’t solely make twerk videos. She V-logs and she makes comedic videos with other people on vine, along with promoting products and making twerk videos.
    2. She NEVER mentioned her salary, so saying she makes six figures is a blatant lie and abysmal journalism.
    This type of “journalism,” with lies and lack of research used to make stories that sell, is the reason myself and like-minded people despise Fox News. You should be ashamed.

      • J

        Yea man…nothing says complete package like a professional twerker that has breakdowns every month because she can’t deal with truth.

    • Your Mom

      Also, teaching assistant is not a teacher. You don’t even need a degree for this, so not sure how much school debt she actually had to pay off.

      • stude

        She probably was a teaching assistant but has a teaching degree. Teaching jobs aren’t always easy to find right out of college so it would have been a good step toward getting a teaching career started.

    • twerkerlove

      you are a fool. you obsessed with the money of which they speak. Maybe they did check her tax returns or do some form of audit. Simply because they didn’t explicitly tell you that doesn’t mean they made anything up. Look at how emotional you got over something so trivial. You need serious help.

    • Jay Dee

      There’s this thing called math. She said she makes in six seconds what she used to make in 4 months. They figured out what she made in 4 months based on a starter salary at her previous job with Kindergarten kids, and then did that thing I mentioned before: math.
      Pretty simple concept. On that note, Fox news is still Faux ‘news’.

      • Joshua Alpert

        Ummm what? If you take 4 months of income from a teacher assistant (lets just be safe and say the annual salary of that position is 35,000 a year). 35,000/3 = 11,666 (4 months of income).
        If she makes that in 6 seconds, then the math would be 11,666 x 10 ( to get to one hour) x 24 ( to get to one day)
        This means that with your logic, she makes 2,799,840 a day. That’s math. HAHAHA. I think you’re wrong.

        • Alex Rose

          35k for a teaching assistant, are you high? If we’re “being safe” we should be looking for low values, not extraordinarily high ones. So, more like $22k for a start.

          If she makes $7.3k in 4 months, she says she can make that in 6 seconds.

          6 seconds.. of a video clip. It isn’t there to be taken literally, she means the actual 6 seconds of twerking are where the money comes from, but she still has to film and upload that. And you assume she’s twerking 24/7? Let’s say she releases a weekly twerking video 50 weeks a year. That’s a six figure salary.

        • brian

          If she makes 11,000 in 6 seconds than X 10 is one minute not one hour. Way to school him on math you ass clown!

    • Patrick Hogan

      I agree and disagree with you there… yes I agree she deserves respect and there is nothing wrong with the path she chose… but welcome to the world of fame. How do people seem supprised or unable to cope with the fact that fame = criticism. When you put yourself out in the public eye, you should know that you can’t please everybody, and some people are going to mock you. It’s in the job description, if you are in a job that puts you in the public eye, people will say mean things about you. People who chose to post things onto youtube vine etc… despite having a personality type that is hurt by criticism, seems to me like someone who is afraid of blood, going to med school, or someone who has seizures when around flashing lights trains to be a Deejay.

  • TJL

    Probably not a good idea to quit her job. It’s great she’s making money doing her videos, but that body ain’t gonna last forever. Might be hard to get another teaching job after taking off several years to shake her butt on the internet. Seriously, how much time could it really take to make her videos? Why not keep the job you spent years studying to get and make videos on the side.

    • CF

      I would think it would be tough to keep you job as a kindergarten assistant with the reputation of an online twerker. What kind of role model is that? Just sayin’

    • Patrick Hogan

      well, when you make more in a year doing a temporary job, than you would in 20 doing a “stable job” (which is a myth anyway, every business and service is looking for ways to have less or cheaper labor), take the faster money, save it up, and keep investing, and yeah as people mentioned, teachers doing tasks on the side that might be identified by a parent or student… get fired almost instantly, why not save them the time and scandal.

  • James

    Kindergarten teacher quits job to for 6 figure salary in pornography. Please people, understand “twerking” is not dancing.

    • Jay

      Pornography and dancing are not mutually exclusive, and both are based on the perception of the people participating or viewing. Dancing can indeed be pornographic, depending on who you ask.

      In other words, reality doesn’t revolve around your opinion. Quite frankly, reality doesn’t even care or even take notice of your opinion. One day, you’ll be gone along with your opinion, and reality will continue to march on despite your personal lack of significance.

      Enjoy your tiny world… it will not last.

      • Contra Party

        “and both are based on the perception of the people participating or viewing.” …. “In other words, reality doesn’t revolve around your opinion.”. You are contradicting yourself.

      • Andrew

        At the same time, reality also doesn’t revolve around *your* opinion. Just because you believe ““twerking” is not dancing.” doesn’t make that opinion any more or less valid than someone else’s. And you are further correct that “One day, [we’ll] be gone along with [our] opinions” (That uses the royal We and our, so you’re included), so what’s the point about getting judgmental over how someone makes a living?

      • Somedude

        You do realize that there is no such thing as reality. There is just different interpretations of the world we live in. As it is, good for her. People shouldn’t be ragging on her and instead should rag on the fact that teachers (and their assistants) make so little that doing vine’s is more lucrative.

  • Shameful

    Let’s have a “dance” where women shake their breasts everywhere in public. Let’s make that a socially acceptable thing. Way to sell yourself for the almighty dollar. I hope all of the attention fills that void in you. Is it working?

  • metsuken

    Despite the crap news reports, she was never a kindergarten teacher or kindergarten teacher’s assistant. She was a day care assistant. Huge difference. There’s not a whole lot of money or opportunities for advancement in escorting toddlers to the bathroom and making sure they share their snacks.
    If you go to her Vine, most of the content is actually comedy. That isn’t any different from other big Vine names like King Bach. This girl made like what? Maybe 12 twerking videos out of a hundred comedy skits? Meanwhile, Bach takes his shirt off for every other skit, but you don’t see him getting labeled as a male stripper or quitting his day job to “strip on Vine”.
    She’s already getting featured on E!, MTV, and she’s all over the radio. She has millions of followers and now mainstream media exposure. She quit her day care gig because she’s killing it as a social media personality and an event promoter, not because Vine gives her magical twerk money.
    She was never taught kindergarten. She didn’t quit her job to twerk for a living. She quit because she has 2 million followers on Vine, 509k on Instagram, and 88.2k on Twitter. She’s going to be making a ridiculous amount of money through skits, ads, appearances, and promotions.

  • JA

    What misinformation from a supposedly reputed news organization… According to information readily available online, she was a daycare educator and not a teacher… Also, the majority of her videos appear to be comedy skits and not ‘twerking’. (The much overused media-created word used to describe nothing… Why is this even on the news?)

    Was a Fox employee actually compensated to come up with this?

  • Libertarian Larry

    “The 22-year-old Florida woman quit her job, and began twerking for a living making six figures! “What I make in six seconds would take me four months to make as a teaching assistant,” ”

    What kind of kindergarten teacher (assistant even) makes 6 figures in four months?

  • Christine

    Strippers and prostitutes make more money than teachers, too. Want to write a story about that? Same line of work, just with slightly more clothing on, same amount of no self-respect.

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