Pa. Lawmaker exchanged gunfire in attempted robbery

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Left to Right: Derek Anderson, Jamani Ellison, Jyair Leonard

A Pennsylvania legislator exchanged gunfire with a Harrisburg teenager who tried to rob him and a fellow House Democrat.

State Reps. Marty Flynn (D-Scranton) and Ryan Bizzarro (D-Erie) escaped injury in the incident near the 200 block of Herr Street around 11 p.m. Tuesday, according to a caucus spokesman.


Flynn and Bizzarro were walking from the Capitol to their Second Street residence after a late House session and dinner when the would-be robber pointed a gun at Flynn and then at Bizzarro and demanded their wallets.

Neither lawmaker handed over anything.

Flynn – a former prison guard, mixed martial arts fighter and professional boxer – drew a handgun that he is licensed to carry and exchanged shots with the gunman, the spokesman said in a news release.

The gunman fled with an accomplice who was shouting directions from across the street, and Bizzarro and Flynn called 911 to report the incident to police.

Harrisburg police said they charged four teens as adults. They were identified as 17-year-old Jamani Ellison, 15-year-old Jyair Leonard, 17-year-old Derek Anderson, and 15-year-old Zha-quan McGhee.

The suspects were positively identified by the legislators and the gun used in the incident was recovered, police said.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    Jamani’s facial expression appears to be that of one who has accepted a life in prison.
    Derek is like, uh-oh we picked on the wrong dudes.
    Jyair looks scared, like why did I go along with these older kids.

  • MYAmerica

    How did the police find these punks if everyone ran in opposite directions? How did the two democraps know where they went?They would have had time to get away before the police showed up, got a description and then went looking for them. SO they can arm themselves and we cannot? They can defend themselves, and we cannot? I wish the thugs had beat their azz.

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