Property taxes and income tax Senate bill

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Many homeowners complain about school property taxes and a new senate bill would eliminate those taxes but not everyone is in favor of it.  Local representatives and homeowners spoke out against senate bill 76 at the capitol on Wednesday.  Senate bill 76 would increase the income tax and expand the sales tax in Pennsylvania to fund public schools instead of schools relying on property taxes.  Opponents of the bills ay that it would do neither of those and would cause more harm than good.

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  • Camille

    Funny but from what tom wolf wants to do is raise the same taxes on us and NOT eliminate school property taxes to help fund schools and bury pa homeowners,and thats ok….but we have a bill,SB76, already to go and fix the education funding and help pa homeowners and that’s the one they have a problem with!what the hell is wrong with these politicians!

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