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Report: Two Pa. House members exchange gunshots with would-be robbers in Harrisburg

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Left to Right: Reps. Marty Flynn, D-Scranton and Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie

Two House Democrats were involved in a shooting after an attempted robbery late Tuesday evening in the Capitol City’s midtown according to a report from

Reps. Marty Flynn, D-Scranton, and Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie, were approached around 11 p.m. near the 200 block of Herr Street by two assailants wearing bandannas, who held the two representatives at gunpoint from feet away, while a third assailant watched from a vehicle, according to accounts from multiple sources.

Flynn, a former Lackawanna County prison guard and MMA fighter, was armed and shots were exchanged. Police said no one was injured.

“We are still investigating,” said Harrisburg Police Sgt. Laura Green, who said available information is very preliminary. She could not confirm whether Bizzarro and Flynn were involved, as sources who initially spoke with Capitolwire said. House Democratic Caucus spokesman Bill Patton said the two freshman lawmakers were accosted.

Police apprehended the three assailants shortly after the incident, Patton said early Wednesday morning.

Green could not confirm who fired the shots. Sources close to the incident said the assailants shot first and Flynn returned fire.

House session ran late Tuesday evening and the two first-term lawmakers attended a colleague’s fundraiser, had dinner and walked two female representatives back to the Capitol before heading to midtown, where the incident occurred.

A person close to Senate Democratic staff is said to have witnessed the exchange, according to a source, who also said Bizzarro rents a townhouse in the area of the incident.


  • xds45

    Two Democrats, now I don’t know their position on guns but this party wants to take your guns away. Sounds like a double standards to me. I wander how the voted on any gun issues.

    • OneMan'sOpinion

      Don’t know about that XDS45. I’m an independent and haven’t seen either party want “to take your guns away”. Depends on what the record of the “you” is.

  • Jim

    I would love to know there position on guns . I hope they don’t have the idea that’s it’s ONLY ok for them to carry and not the regular folks of Pa .

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