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York City School Board votes against charter schools; will run as a traditional school district

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The York City School Board has decided to forgo charter schools and continue as a traditionally run school district. This decision comes after months of debate over whether to move to a fully chartered district. The public comment of Wednesday night’s meeting started at 7 o’clock and went on for more than two hours.

When the board finally came to a vote the board president said, “You have saved the best for last. They will not turn us into guinea pigs, we will not be run by charter schools.”

Chief recovery officer, David Meckley has recommended a district that is 100% charter run by the company, Charter Schools USA. He proposed that the board vote to have three schools run by charter schools and five operated by the district in a plan that would span 5 years, but that idea was shot down. Board members say there are not enough facts to make them confident. Parents, students, and teachers are celebrating.

“I’m very satisfied with what the board decided to do this evening they heard the voice of the community and they understand that they’re the elected officials to represent the community and I’m very pleased with the outcome of tonight’s board meeting,” says Clovis Gallon, a teacher.

There is a possibility that this decision is not permanent. Meckley could lobby to the state to bring in a receiver. That receiver could remove the board from power and ultimately decide to move on to a full charter district. As it seems for now and through 2015, York City Schools will run as a traditionally run district.


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