Deer causes hundreds of dollars of damage to West York Agway store

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15 minutes before a York County Agway store opens, an uninvited visitor breaks through the front glass doors and hides in the back storage room.
Wednesday around 7:45 a.m. a deer literally busted through the partial pet specialist store.

Agway owner, Ben Geesey says, "We got a call early in the morning from the West Manchester Police Department stating a deer inside our store."

Geesey says the big buck created a pig sty until police arrived. He says the deer "Came through the glass door we have propped open now, busted through the glass, through the store and to the back and stayed in our back, destroying our stock until police herded him out the side door."

So why did the deer cross the road and barge into the store? He was either really confused or really smart!

Geesey says, "The only thing we can figure is because Agway is the number one place in York County for deer supplies, feed supplements and minerals and word of mouth advertising works."

But the buck's not a bandit! Geesey says, "Had he made a Left turn when he came in he would have found our big deer display, could have ruined our deer food and took things for his friends!"

Geesey's laughing now...$500 in repairs later. As for our surveillance star...Geesey says, "He was alright, you blow yourself through a door, you're going to be hurt but he was okay!"

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