Neighbors call cops to complain about man’s lawn art displaying nude women

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The reason so many cars are slowing down in the first block of West Roseville Road is because of a display on Tony Papadimitriou's front lawn and it all started with a pink bathtub.

Papadimitriou found the bathtub three years ago in a home he was renovating. He decided to paint it pink and put it in his front yard. Slowly but surely he kept adding things, like this mural with paintings of nude women.

That's when neighbors called the cops to complain, but Papadimitriou said it's not meant to be offensive. "It means art. I just like different things like this mailbox, I got that at a yard sale. And my fire hydrant I got at a yard sale, I collect anything that's unusual. Very unusual," said Papadimitriou.

A spokesman with the Manheim Township Police Department said that currently Papadimitriou is not breaking any laws. He plans to keep the art up until Christmas.


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