Mom pulls daughter’s hair so hard it separates scalp from skull because 6-year-old couldn’t count to 12

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A mother in Beaver County is charged with child abuse on Monday after police say she violently pulled her daughter’s hair.

Hospital officials first alerted police on August 31st when the 6-year-old girl was treated for a head injury, according to the complaint.

Conway Police Officer Mike Priolo told WPXI that, “The doctors told us there was a separation of the victim from her skull.”

This separation caused a void between the skull and scalp that filled with blood.

Doctors that treated the little girl told police that her injuries were consistent with violent hair pulling, and an impact to her left ear.

The mother, Brittany Ruck, admitted to police that she pulled her daughter’s hair to get her attention.

Police say the girl told them her mother wanted her to count to 12, but she was unable.

“The little girl told us she could only count to 10 because she had 10 fingers, but she couldn’t count any higher. That’s when the mother grabbed her by her hair,” Priolo said.

According to the complaint, the girl told police that on a separate occasion, her mother pulled her across the floor into a corner by a hair.

“It’s just sad because she didn’t do anything wrong and she had to bear the brunt of pain,” Priolo said.

WPXI reports that Ruck is currently behind bars, and her daughter has made a full recovery.

Ruck’s three children have been place with other family members.



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