Poll shows Governor’s race growing closer

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Governor Tom Corbett (R) has consistently lagged behind Democratic challenger Tom Wolf in polls this election season. But the most recent poll shows him making up some ground.

The latest poll from Keystone Report shows Wolf leading Corbett by 7 points, with 49 percent to 42 percent. 8 percent of voters in this poll are undecided.

Dr. Kwasi Sarfo, professor of political science at York College says it will be a challenge for Corbett to close the gap in the time left, but it's never over until the ballots are cast.

He says Wolf dominated the campaign by choosing one theme -- saying that Governor Corbett made one billion dollars in education cuts. Corbett says the cuts were made in the Rendell administration.

Ultimately, experts say whoever gets more of their base to the polls will be the winner.

"It's an off-year election and off-year elections are driven by passion and voter turnout so if you can really, really get the vote out, you should be able to do well," says Sarfo.

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