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U.S. Liberian Ambassador addresses Ebola at Elizabethtown College

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The U.S. Liberian Ambassador visited Lancaster County Wednesday to stress the importance of global cooperation in the fight against Ebola.
In a passionate presentation, Jeremiah Sulunteh engaged a room full of students at Elizabethtown College.
He says, “Ask yourself, had I been born in Africa, had I been born in Liberia, would I have the opportunity to be the student I am today?”

In addition to Liberia's lack of education, Sulunteh says the healthcare system is a major issue. He says, "No pregnant women should die while giving birth, no need for anybody to die of yellow fever, if vaccines are available."

He says for every 5000 Liberians, there's one medical doctor. It's why the Ebola virus is out of control.

Sulunteh says, "We don't have the rubber gloves to prevent healthcare workers to use. We don't have it, so logistics, training infrastructure, give us strength to fight it, we don't have it."

He suggest money donations which would be put towards medical equipment like beds and x-ray machines.

Nina Cicero's an Elizabethtown College student who's has a minor in International Studies. She says, "Liberia is not a good place right now and they need more international help so he was advocating that."

Ryan Kinney's a pre-med student. He says, "He really cemented it, made it feel real, rather than watching it on TV, the actual Ambassador came here and told us how terrible it was and made me feel more connected with Liberia."

His Excellency says help from the U.S. will help prevent diseases like Ebola from spreading. If you'd like to help, contact to Embassy of Liberia.

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