Fugitive Eric Frein captured alive, residents react

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People in Northeastern Pennsylvania have been on edge for weeks as hundreds of law enforcement officials searched the area for accused cop killer, Eric Frein.

Now, 48 days after that deadly ambush at the State Police Barracks in Blooming Grove Township, Frein has been captured, alive.

The massive manhunt ended Thursday night at an airport near Pocono Township in Monroe County.

Frein’s arrest has brought an overwhelming sense of relief to people living in Monroe County and surrounding areas.

For nearly seven weeks their lives were put on hold as the massive manhunt was underway.

Schools were canceled as well as outdoor activities, including Halloween.

There was a sense of fear throughout communities.

With Frein now behind bars, residents say they can all sleep a little better at night.

"Elated, over joyed, thrilled.," said Annelise Taylor from Cresco.  "No more lulling myself to sleep with the sound of helicopters."

“I actually felt like I was in a war zone a couple of weeks ago,” added Swiftwater resident, Mark Denny.  “It was hard to sleep for a few nights, worrying about where he’s at and where his whereabouts are."

Several residents waved American Flags at State Police as they drove past the barracks in Blooming Grove Township following Frein’s arrest.

“We are so proud of our Pennsylvania State Police; their hard work,” said resident, Angela Ey Hawley.   “There have been many sleepless nights and we give our whole life to them to right now. We are super, super excited. Congratulations to everybody and God bless the families involved in this horrific tragedy right here in our backyards."

Now that the manhunt is over, Halloween is officially back-on for folks in Monroe County.

As for Frein, he remains behind bars at the Pike County Jail.

His arraignment is set for 9:00 a.m. Friday.

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  • shayla

    For someone who has been on the ‘run’ – – he sure is clean shaven and well kept. He must have had a pretty good shelter in the woods with running water, razors, etc.

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