Police issue Halloween warning: Don’t let your kids eat THIS candy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police in Prince George County, Maryland seized several boxes of candy infused with marijuana this week.  Now officers are offering a warning to parents: “be aware of suspicious Halloween candy”

Police say the marijuana infused candy arrived from the west coast and Colorado. The boxes included taffy, mint chocolate bars, blueberry chocolate bars and banana-walnut chocolate bars. Each piece of this candy contains 100 milligrams of THC.

“This is the first time we’ve seen this product in Prince George’s County. Despite the on-going investigation, we felt it important to let our community know that products like this exist so parents and guardians ensure the candy doesn’t somehow wind up in their children’s Halloween candy bag,” said Captain Chuck Hamby, Narcotic Enforcement Division Assistant Commander.


    • OneMan'sOpinion

      Reread the story and see that it is not a case where kids were given the candy. Sounds like it exists for adults and the warning by police is to parents not to prevent kids from getting hold of it. Sort of like guns. Don’t allow kids to get hold of them.

  • Lee

    This is absolutely rediculous. No one is going to give kids their $15-$30 THC or CBD infused edibles. Yes people ship edibles and marijuana ALL the time and im sure packages get intercepted regularly. This is just marijuana propaganda being spread by fox (aparently a news source.)

  • joe

    Who would waste these good products to give to kids or maybe its just another way to bring down the legalized marijuana in the US i smell a set up

  • Jason Marcelle Sr.

    Who cares. Why have you children dressed up like fools and like something they aren’t to walk around in a cold neighborhood knocking on strangers doors for candy. You tell them don’t take candy from a stranger yet you show them exactly how to. Hypocrites, halloween is a wicked custom and if anyone gets poisoned who’s fault is it?

  • 333maxwell

    The sick sad part is, after all the hooplah, there has not been one reported case I can find of any child getting marijuana candy (this or any year) .. The way these ‘busts work’ is often the police PLAN the timing. They have probably been letting this person sell the stuff for days as they meticulously plan their ‘pre Halloween scare’ bust.. And that is not hyperbole.. That is the way their sick little incredibly expensive system works quite often.

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