Two female students attack School Police Officer at York’s William Penn High School

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YORK, Pa.(WPMT)- A School Police Officer is assaulted by two female students at William Penn High School in York City.  At around Noon, a female student was detained by Hall Monitors and the SPO for using a laser pointer during lunch in the cafeteria.

The student tried to leave and assaulted the SPO who was trying to stop her. The student allegedly punched the SPO several times and pulled her hair.  The SPO’s hair was pulled from her head so violently she had to taken to Memorial Hospital for an evaluation.

A second female student during the initial assault also assaulted the SPO by allegedly punching her several times.

The first student is charged with Aggravated Assault, Terroristic Threats, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct. The second student is charged with Aggravated Assault and Obstructing Administration of Law. Both juveniles were referred to the Youth Juvenile Detention Center.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    Bye bye girls. Have a nice life. You just started your career in and out of prisons from a loss of control and bad choices. It’s fun to be a kid, huh?

  • MiscUnderstanding

    I do not advocate violence…. However, why wouldn’t they just let her leave? De-escalation is an art for those who care enough to try…. Lazy adult guidance, so sad.

    • A thought

      If she was shining that laser pointer in people’s eyes they really would have to stop her to prevent injury to other people. Besides there is a HUGE public safety issue involved in the fact that these two girls felt it was an acceptable option to jump and hospitalize a school employee.

  • A thought

    York City taxpayers spend something like six or eight hundred more than average for every single student in this school and this district is 499th out of 500 in crappiness.

  • Hermena Orlando

    York City sucks period! The schools are awful even the charter schools. My son was sexualy assulted and york city police and the charter school as well as children services covered it up. Then I have another son who was threatened by a teacher and shoved by this same teacher, for doing what he was asked to by another adult staff member. The school has yet to get back to me about the outcome of this investigation too. The violence in the school is crazy, and the lack of respect towards students, and teachers. This is why my children are now homeschooled for as long as we live in York City.

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