From York to Dauphin Counties, Toy Run 18 years strong

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You could call it random acts of kindness. But for this group of bikers, it's more of a tradition.

Every year members of the York County Harley Davidson Owners Association gather and ride to Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital -- delivering toys to children who suffer from major medical conditions. All because they say it's worth it.

"Kids right? And kids that are fighting for their lives," said Steven Stambaugh, Public Relations Spokesman for York County Harley Davidson Owners Association.

Kids like 12-year-old James Rouscher who suffers from cystic fibrosis. But this year, Rouscher was well enough to hop on the Harley and ride along. "It was very actually epic I'd say," Rouscher added.

18 years going strong -- the Toy Run has raised $350,000 to date. This year alone, they've raised more than $15,000. But they don't want the recognition. They say it's not about them.

"You get up here and you see the looks on all the kids' faces when they receive a toy, when they see Santa, when they see Rudolph the Red Nose Motorcycle," said Michelle Tyson, a member of the York County Harley Davidson Owners Association.

Tyson has participated in the Toy Run ride for the past 15 years. "They just love it and it just warms your heart, so I would never quit doing it," she added.