Woman arrested for prostitution in West York

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 West York Borough police arrested a West York woman for prostitution.
According to police, Amanda Raber, 27, advertised online about providing sexual services in West York. An undercover officer contacted Raber, who agreed to have sex in exchange for money.
On Friday around 8:00p.m.  Raber arrived in the area of W. King St. and Overbrook Ave. and was taken in to custody.
Raber is being charged by  with one count of Prostitution.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    I’m not sure, but doesn’t a photo and headlining story actually help her with advertising her services in the future? Now everyone knows her name, age, location, what she looks like and that she will have sex for money. She no longer needs to advertise online because her service has been brought to a larger audience for her at the cost of a fine which will be more than paid for by the new customers she accumulated through the news story advertisement.

  • howard the duck

    Dont count me in that everyone, and just. A thought but even if she gets away with it and goes back out. Shes still not off the hook

    • OneMan'sOpinion

      Why not count you as everyone? You have read this story and know her name, age, location, have seen the picture above.and you know she has sex for money. She has a fine to pay off, too, so she is in need of more money than before her bust.

  • tream1200

    This is a good thing that she was arrested.This woman has 3 children who love her and a family that would do anything for her. However she was over taken by a powerful demon called herion and was doing this to support a habit.I’ve know her since birth and actually had some to do in her upbringing(never taught her to do this though)she is a good person but herion is a very powerful drug and doesn’t care who you are.It doesn’t differentiate between race,age, sex, or nationality. Im just glad she will be in custody for a period of time now.Hopefully she can get herself clean and stay clean now. She has other charges also that they are not reporting and even this exposure by the media will be gone by the time she will see the streets again. In my point of view she was rescued not arrested.

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