Dad Creates Amazing Napkin Art

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Most of us use napkins to wipe our hands and face during a meal, but did you know you can create amazing art on them? Jimmy Ettele does just that, drawing amazing comic book recreations on napkins. The Birdsboro father of two young girls (Emma who's 9 and Hannah who's 12) has a love for comics. So when his youngest daughter Emma came to him about a year ago asking him to put a note in her lunch, he was happy to oblige. However, instead of a note, Emma got a detailed comic book recreation instead. Her and her friends at school loved it, so much so that Jimmy began drawing a new one every night for her.

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Well, if you have daughters, you should know that you can't give something so cool to one and not the other. "I saw this napkin sitting on the counter and realized it was Emma's, and I just wanted one because it wasn't fair that she got one and I didn't!" says the eldest daughter Hannah with a chuckle. So now Jimmy faithfully draws two every night after the girls go to bed. "They don't see what he's drawing. So its a surprise when they open their lunch box. They never know what they're going to expect,” says their mom Alicia.

More than 100 napkins later, the girls have picked their favorites. For Emma its Spider-Man, while Hannah likes the Silver Surfer. But we all know little girls grow up, and perhaps Emma and Hannah will one day stop asking for dad's napkins. But Jimmy is ready for that day saying, "Maybe get a nice long roll of paper towels and just do one big collage. It'd be like a big send off. Every comic book has to end eventually. So I guess the napkins will have to end eventually too."

To see more of Jimmy's work you can click here to find him on Instagram and search #heronapkins.

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