Mother admits to throwing 6-year-old autistic son off a bridge

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(CNN) — A 6-year-old boy was found dead in the frigid waters of Oregon’s Yaquina Bay after his mother told police she threw him off a bridge Monday evening, authorities said.

The body of London McCabe was found in the water about a mile from the Yaquina Bay Bridge about 10:20 p.m., roughly four hours after his mother called 911 to say she’d thrown him from the span, Newport police said.

The mother, Jillian Meredith McCabe, 34, was arrested on charges of aggravated murder, murder and first-degree manslaughter, police said.

McCabe, of nearby Seal Rock, called police around 6:30 p.m. Monday “saying she threw her child over the side,” Newport Police Chief Mark Miranda said.

The water of Yaquina Bay is more than 100 feet below the bridge. Chances of survival from a fall that high were “minimal,” Miranda said.

Even if a person survived the fall, the chief said, one could survive the frigid water for only about 20 minutes.

Police have not commented on the cause of the boy’s death or a possible motive.

However, NBC News has reported that McCabe and her family were going through tough financial and emotional times. Her son was considered severely autistic, and her husband was recently diagnosed with MS and had a debilitating mass in his brain.

The family had recently made YouTube videos appealing for monetary help with the family’s hardships, NBC News reported.

Relatives of McCabe said all the tough times had caused the once-stable mother to suffer a mental collapse. She had recently undergone inpatient psychiatric services, family members told NBC news.

McCabe was being held at the Lincoln County jail Tuesday morning with bail set at $750,000.

Two boats and a Coast Guard helicopter searched the water for hours before the body was found, Coast Guard spokesman Jonathan Klingenberg told CNN.


  • Ion Flux

    Thank God. One less nasty violent sub-moron psychopathic retard plagues the world.
    So why are they punishing this fine woman for removing a forever-burden danger to themselves and others from this world?

  • Ion Flux

    And if you think I’m cold hearted. TRY LIVING WITH AN AUTISTIC CHILD FOR 2 WEEKS.
    In short, Autistic children are classical PSYCHOPATHS but with very low IQ.
    You don’t know how that woman suffered for YEARS of abuse from her child. Only to look forward to many decades more of violent abuse and destruction of her property and mental stability as her psychopathic Autistic child grows bigger and more dangerous. Meanwhile as her “Government Approved” live-in Autistic Abuser continues to sap away her love and joy and money and health, she will grow more tired, weaker, older, less able to defend herself against her child’s psychopathic irrational rages.
    Good riddance to the stinking Autistic psychopath brat. It needs to be made LEGAL to rid the world of children like that. Stockholm Syndrome does not excuse torturing the world or the families of the Autistic psychopath. Otherwise, these children need to be promptly jailed for every abusive act they unleash against another human and neutered to prevent all options of reproduction. Live with a violent Autistic child abusing you cruelly for 2 or 3 weeks and then tell me I am a monster.

    • Brittany

      I’m reporting you to CWS you have No Right being a mother. Your a horrible person and should be ashamed to write such wrong things about your child. Its not his fault AGAIN not his fault. You make me sick!!!!

    • Brianna Bolin

      does autism intensify everything from the five senses to emotions…yes…but it varies for everyone who has it…ik someone who is full blown autistic and barely verbal but has a heart for God…some are verbal…some arent…some have seizures…some dont…some have lower iq levels…some are bright but dont always interpret things the same way…some are extremely artistic…and not all of them are super violent…some melt down physically and others melt down mentally/emotionally…the mentally/emotionally side is where they basically arent able to function and all they can do is lay down and cry endlessly til it passes…they usually arent controllable…medication is usually used to treat the symptoms…i understand it can be very stressful…truthfully one of the best things you could probably do for him is pray for him…not just because i said so…but with faith trusting God knowing and believing that He is bigger than all of this and has the power to heal him…ill keep you guys in my prayers…hope things get better for you guys soon :)

    • Nathan

      you just sound like a bitch. like a pussy bitch, and an uneducated one at that., ive lived with my autistic step son for years and all he does is like bright colours.

  • Ion Flux

    GOOGLE[ Autistic violent behavior ]
    My son is 9 with autism, when will the aggression get better?

    I could really use a pick me up! My son has moderately functioning autism and his behavior is becoming more stubborn and more aggressive with age. I cannot control his outbursts. I am afraid he will seriously hurt someone someday. I am adjusting to “having patience of steel”, but sometimes i feel very defeated and I feel like it will never get better. It is getting harder to live this way. I miss having a life outside of my home. I want to go on vacation and I want to enjoy my other child. My son controls how we do EVERYTHING! I love him and I love being his Mom, but I am emotionally tired! Please help!


    And that is LIFE for every family with an Autistic child. They become the prisoner of a MORON PSYCHOPATH.
    For how long? THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. Suffering abuse day after day, hour after hour for years which become decades. Tip-toeing around the MORON PSYCHOPATH’S ENDLESS RAGES and ceaseless destruction of their family.

    Stop pretending that Autistics are “handicapped”. They are DANGEROUS VIOLENT MORONIC PSYCHOPATHS.
    They TERRORIZE THEIR FAMILY TO DEATH. Endlessly. And the government DOES NOT CARE. If you even dare hint at the truth, idiots will declare you a monster, but the simple truth is that the Autistic Child is the live-in MONSTER.
    No family should be forced ever to suffer a lifetime of abuse from a rotten psychotic moronic child.

  • Ion Flux

    Why am I posting all this, you ask? To get you to stop lying to yourself and to get you to quit lying to the rest of us.
    There is only one outcome for all Autistic children. THEY GET OLDER, BIGGER, MORE DANGEROUS.
    And now, thanks to the demented mandatory government vaccination schedules which create the Autism in the first place, there are MILLIONS OF AUTISTIC PSYCHOPATHS all around you. All getting bigger, older, more dangerous and those numbers are not going down, they’re increasing quite rapidly. It is no longer about abused families, broken parents, and psychopathic children. It is now a national danger to everyone.

    Thursday, Mar 26, 2009 06:42 AM EDT
    The monster inside my son
    For years I thought of his autism as beautiful and mysterious. But when he turned unspeakably violent, I had to question everything I knew.
    Ann Bauer

    Once during this phase, he beat me. A neighbor heard me screaming and called 911. But I blamed this on the drugs. Despite everything, my son had always been gentle and sweet. This was no twisted adolescent squirrel killer who kept a pile of carcasses under his bed.

    On the day he should have graduated from high school, Andrew was instead being treated in a psychiatric ward at the Mayo Clinic. But he seemed to improve, and we were hopeful. Upon release, he was placed in a series of behavioral health centers and group homes. This is where his real education began.
    He’d quit progressing in school, but now my son soaked up new information like a toddler learning to talk. Every placement in a succeedingly tougher environment gave him new skills. He shoplifted like a pro, traded his belongings for sexual favors, and dined and dashed so often some local restaurants had his picture posted in their kitchen under the words, “Don’t serve this man.” I told myself at least he was thinking, making his own bad choices, experiencing adult consequences. A part of me was even proud.

    But he’d also quit reading, conversing, learning people’s names, or keeping track of the day of the week. He ate like some gnashing beast: stuffing food into his mouth until his cheeks bulged and food dribbled out onto his clothes. And after moving to the rural group home selected by a judge because it was miles from restaurants or businesses where he could steal, Andrew morphed again, the warty monster from a Grimm fairy tale, demolishing everything in his path.

    His destruction was utterly senseless yet brilliantly thorough: He submerged his computer, stereo and iPod in water; threw puzzle pieces and Styrofoam cups into the toilet and flushed them, plugging the pipes literally dozens of times a week; and urinated on every square inch of his room: bed, walls, floor, closet, everything but the ceiling and that only because he had not (yet, I suspect) figured out how.

    When I asked him why he did these things he would say, eyes narrow like a night creature, “I don’t like being caged.”

  • Brittany

    What? Its not the boys fault he has autism! Mother should be thrown off a bridge and apparently so should you I hope you don’t have kids! Hope God has mercy on your frozen hearts!

  • ashley

    I hope you receive a one way ticket to hell for even THINKING like that. My 3 year old son is autistic, but to throw him off a bridge? Who tf thinks like that, or uses language as you do. People like YOU are the monster. A child cannot help the fact that they have a disorder. Its not their fault. It is people like you that is wrong with this world…

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