Search warrants: Frein used laptop, wireless internet to hide from police

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New details about accused state trooper killer Eric Frein.

According to search warrants, Frein used a laptop and wireless internet to stay hidden from police for seven weeks.

The laptop and two thumb drives were found in the hangar at Birchwood Resort near Tannersville, where Frein was captured last Thursday. Police say Frein admitted the night he was captured that he used the laptop to access open wifi accounts in the area, while hiding from search teams.

State police will analyze the content on the drives, in hopes of finding information to help them explain a motive for the ambush that occurred at the Blooming Grove barracks on September 12th.

Investigators are trying to figure out if Frein was able to use the technology to track police. And if he did, it would explain how he was able to stay one step ahead of them.

Frein faces first degree murder and other charges.

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