Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg in need of Thanksgiving help

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Celebrating its 100 anniversary this year in Harrisburg, it's a milestone for Bethesda Mission. Partly because of everything they've provided the community throughout the years: 2,000 meals a week, a men and women's shelter and youth center, including long-term programming. All of that has helped transform the lives of those looking for change.

Every year Bethesda Mission provides Thanksgiving meals for those in need. 45 people will volunteer for this year's Thanksgiving dinner.

"It's just a way to reach out to the community, let them know that we do care about them and if we can do anything to help them that's why we're here," said Kenneth Ross, Director of Community Relations at Bethesda Mission.

He says that one day will make all the difference. "There's been sometimes a tremendous impact on a life from someone that has talked to someone that said none of my family want to spend Thanksgiving with me but somebody here did."

But after helping the community for a century, The Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg is looking to the community for help this Thanksgiving.

The Mission is struggling. They've only managed to collect some canned goods for Thanksgiving but Ross says it falls short of what's needed. With budget cuts and a shortage of food, they are in desperate need of help. Food, money and even clothing -- all of that can be donated at Bethesda Mission's drop off center.

"Maybe somebody can't write a check, maybe somebody can't go out and buy groceries, but everyone of you can pray for the staff here."

Meals will be served from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. If you would like to donate or volunteer, click on the following link: