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Millersburg woman accused of locking autistic man in hot garage

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HALIFAX (WPMT)-Authorities have charged a Millersburg woman after police said she locked an autistic man in a garage during a hot summer day in July.

Amy Lynn Bingaman, 40,  is charged with reckless endangerment, unlawful restraint and false imprisonment.

The incident allegedly occurred on July 23 along Dustin Road in Halifax Township. According to police, Bingaman locked a 54-year-old autistic man who was in a wheelchair in a unventilated garage for 30 minutes during high temperatures and humidity.

Bingaman allegedly pushed the victim back into the hot garage after he attempted to escape and then closed the door, investigators said.



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    Millersburg has some nice middle-aged women; this 40-year old and the 50-year old from yesterday that sexually abused a boy for 8 years.

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